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Willem Reeders Kune-Tao the Servidio Lineage

Posted: December 4th, 2011, 6:07 pm
by vmijjg91
As I have expressed in previous posts, it is a very interesting time in the evolution of Reeders Kune-Tao. I do not mean the evolution of the system as it does not need to evolve. As it was passed from Lieu Siong to Willem Reeders by Robert Servidio it has maintained its warrior ways. The styles techniques and intent have remained the same by those of us in the Servidio lineage. I have posted several pictures of myself and my son with Bob and Scott. These two individuals have preserved the art which is evident by those fortunate enough to see them move. The evolution I speak of is promotion of Reeders name into more of the mainstream of martial arts. There are those that have heard of him and even those to claim lineage to him but there are few who truly have that right. I am honored to consider myself part of the Reeders lineage through Bob. I am further honored to be given permission from Bob and Scott to spread our lineage throughout the greater martial arts community. This is being accomplished through this page and the seminars as well as the Willoughby and Meadville Schools of Gung Fu. The intention is not to seek the spotlight for any of us as individuals, but to honor what was given to us from Reeders.