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Post by AbuSana' »

What kind of roadwork do you guys do?

I personally walk from my car to my job and from my job back to my car. That's about it. I make light of it, but I know that it is important, so I plan on getting it started.

I just wanted to know of what routines you guys do.

My father told me that windsprints get your endurance up.
Sifu Guro Dan Donzella
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Since its below zero here everyday, I go to the gym and do my normal weight training workout. After I do the tread mill. Run the mile at 10 minutes a mile rate . then fast walk a mile then run another. Feels great. Sifu Dan
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Post by Colombo »

The varying of pace (no joke, this technique was invented in Germany, and is referred to as a "fartlek", and yes it's pronounced just as you fear it is) is fantastic advice (kudoes to Sifu Dan). This variance is probably the most efficient way to improve endurance. I typically run 2-3 miles 3-4 times per week. On the days I run 3 miles, the last 1/2- 1 mile is spent sprinting/running full out for 100-400 yards, then jogging/walking for 100-400 yards. Again, there is a great deal of sports physiology research behind this practice being the most efficient way to gain endurance, and improve time on distance running. This and other types of "interval training" (bursts of exertion, followed by brief rest) like wind sprints work well. If running gets you down (and it typically bores the hell out of me) these principles translate easily to ice skating, swimming and cycling and will gain similar results in endurance building.
Chris Colombo
Jerry Martin
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Post by Jerry Martin »

I feel that this, like all other types of training is done best with variety.

The body is an intelligent thing and will adjust, or plateau, if you keep to the same routine.

Think of as many ways as possible to mix it up and you won't go wrong.

Peace, Jerry
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