The Flow.

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The Flow.

Post by gyrebox »

Probably around 4 1/2 years ago when I actually got what I was doing in my classes I experienced a state which I refer to as the "The Flow". My actions were only guided by not how I was feeling from time to time but from what was happening around me. I could feel the positioning and next position of anything within my awareness. Much like a ripple in water feeling every curve and texture of anything in contact with my aura or area. My thoughts were not of a normal pace but at no pace existing without time to the point where I was aware of events that have not come to pass but have a comprehension of because I was eventually there anyways( if that makes sense to you). In this way it was like precognition in that I could discern a relationship to everything else from everything else. My movements became more fluid like in manner and graceful. My mind had no intention but of that which I was doing (which was gung-fu). During this time my perception was also opened up to more developed ways of thinking and states of mind. Has anyone else experienced this? I can elaborate on some things if you would like. is this a technique or exercise? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Post by gallenbenson »

There is a simple explanation for your experience. The energetic alignments within your gung fu movement, in combination with your focus, opened some internal energy channels. Being fully 'present' was key in your experience of this 'flow' as you refer to it. If you would have shifted your focus to 'think' about the experience, it would most likely have stopped, pretaining to your heightened sense of your surroundings and awareness. There is a spiritual energy piece "possibly" connected to heightened experience, spiritual energy/qi, spiritual channels too, just like internal physical channels , that can open, but,,,,,
just from a phyical/universal energy channels opening perspective, what you describe is possible. Being fully present in the moment, free of thought , or free of thought other than a given focus, in and of itself, can produce the heightened sense of surroundings as you describe.
Intuitive sense stems from the upper dan tien. Although focus in martial expression is lower dan tien focus,
you do have a middle and upper that "are". Everyone's level of development regarding, say, the upper dan tien is different.
Some people come in with their third eye more open than others. You are interconnected regarding these three dan tiens.
Again, some channels opened for you. A good teacher would simply say that, and tell you to go back to what you were doing,,,,,your focus. Leave ego out of it, and the mind out of it.
Gallen Benson