War Story

Known facts, stories, anecdotes and legends about Master Reeders, his life, and training. Contributions are highly encouraged.

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War Story

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I had one story to share that GGM Reeders told me. It is quite a story, and I had some reluctance to post it because of that. Please keep in mind I heard this story over 30 years ago.
GGMR was talking about serving in the Dutch marines, in the islands. He spoke of training his men in kung fu. I do not recall if that was just officers, or everyone. I have a fague recollection of a few hundred men, being the size of his unit??? So, the Japanese were planning a big attack. This is the place, and in reference to, where General MacArthur said, " I shall return." GGMR said MacArthur split, but he had to stay with his men, and face this attack, as he said the Dutch Marines 'didn't' retreat. I don't know the size of this attack, but they were greatly outnumbered. GGMR then proceeded to talk about this battle with these Japanese troops. I got the impression it lasted some days. I don't recall how many,,,,not a lot. He said the fight, each day would start out with automatic weapons, guns, etc.,,, As men got closer, they (GGMR and men) would switch to one sword, and a pistol, then, eventually two swords, and hand to hand combat. It sounded like the combat went on for hours at a time. He said you had to kill someone, everytime you had access to hit them. He indicated' turning' to face people surrounding you, and did this iron palm movement coming with his hand down on the top of someone's helmet, just snapping their neck, and going to the next stike elsewhere... So,,this incredible fighting. He said the Chinese sword technique was superior to the Japanese officers, whom he spoke of as Samari swordsmen. He said that there movements with their swords were big strikes, where as with the Chinese sword technique, you could lop a finger off in a small circular movement in a fraction of a second. He said the Japanese swordsmen became reluctant to attack, knowing they were getting beat, but did so anyway out of honor. Long story short,,,,finally, GGMR was surrounded to the point of not being able to move, and he was taken prisoner. It so happens, that he was the only one left alive, on this last day. He was put into a hut, I believe, and possibly tortured for a few days. I am not sure about that. He then said that the Old Man of the Japanese navy, this Admiral, heard about this battle, and came to the camp where he was being held prisoner. He came into GGMR's hut, gave him his swords back, and let him go free, out of respect. Later on, General MacAurther gave GGMR a rifle with this medallion in the butt of the rifle. Again, my memory is faded, but I believe GGMR mentioned something about that being in a Life magazine....receiving the rifle from MacArthur.
Given , with respect to his legend ...
- Gallen
Gallen Benson
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sounds sort of like a real life version of that scene from the last samarui.