Original student?

A listing of the students of GGM Reeders.
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Original student?

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Is anyone familiar with Dennis Globosky (aka Dennis St. John or Dennis St. John Globosky)? He claims to have been a seven-year student of Guy Savelli and Ray Cunningham in the late 60's and 70's. He says that sometime in the 70's, he went to New Mexico and spent a month or more to convince Master Reeders to teach him "Liu Seong-HaKow-Kuntao."

Someone has asked me about his legitimacy. I have never heard of him, but I also don't know any reason why I would have heard about him. He has an...interesting...take on the art (i.e. he says a lot, much of which coincides with what I know, some of which diverges considerably, and some of which points to the ever-present rivalry of the original students with respect to who was the top student).

Is anyone familiar with him, and does anyone know anything about his experience in the art? Given the timeframe he trained, it seems likely that some of the people who read this list would know him, or at least know of him.
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