Lenny Howie

A place to list your Teacher's or an aquaintance's lineage. Since some have passed on and others may never visit this site, list them here on their behalf.
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Lenny was a Great Martial Artist. I taught American Shaolin Fighting Arts when I met Lenny in 1982 and I began working out with him sometimes on Newland Avenue and a few other places in Jamestown NY. We worked alot on the Four Point Form and Whips etc. After a work out, sometimes he would get me to eat his vegetarian foods like the Grillers. He would laugh at some of the faces I made with some of the Vegetable made Meats. They were some fun times! We had our share of arguements and such but we got through it as most friends do. I saw him up here in Jamestown shortly before his death and he will be sadly missed!