Ed 'Tiny' Sealy

A place to list your Teacher's or an aquaintance's lineage. Since some have passed on and others may never visit this site, list them here on their behalf.
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Ed 'Tiny' Sealy

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The Red Ant
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I can tell you for certain that Tiny Sealy has had only a very few individuals able to call themselves students...I am one of them. On behalf of Mr. Ed "Tiny" Sealy, and with his blessing, these are the students recognized by Tiny as his only students and trained in Kun Tao as taught to him by Willem Reeders (and of course his own interpretation of the system):

Dan Calabrese
Tom Drake (deceased)
Randy Elliott
Brian Barone
Ken Erickson
Tim Johnson (beginner level student)
"Pain is the best instructor, but nobody wants him for a teacher." Author Unknown
Chris Derbaum
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I can't really call my self a student of Tiny. But I was at handful of seminars he has taught. Tony Laughlin would have him down in the Tampa area and Tiny also would visit my instructors Lenny Howie School in Ft. Myers Florida. The best word to describe his system is BRUTAL. Awesome leg work to destroy your base. You always end up on the floor when Tiny moved on you. He is unbelievable agile and has great balance for a big man. He also hit with unbelievable force. Truly a gift in the Liu Seong System.