The Trinity Training Center

Websites of Schools who are connected to or websites with information about Willem Reeder's (Liu Seong's) legacy.
Also, a list of places to train Liu Seong-related martial arts
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The Trinity Training Center

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Located in Peoria, IL, classes are a blend of Liu Seong Royal Gung Fu and Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Head Instructor: Sifu Dexter Parker

-A student
"Martial arts begins on the inside and ends on the inside."
-Master Tammy Schaefer

"It's not just flow out on the floor, but flow with your life."
-Master Sonny Couch

"Don't stop."
-Sifu Dexter Parker
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Trinity Center

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You have a very nice looking site. If I was near by I'd be sure to visit. Best of luck!
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