Forum fonts?

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Should the forum's AcidTechBlood themes use larger fonts?

Yeah, I'm tired of squinting at this text!
No, I find it really easy to read.
I don't care. It's okay now, and larger text would be okay, too.
Total votes: 7
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Forum fonts?

Post by kungfujoe »

Before I go mucking with theme files (and trying not to break anything), I wanted to ask - what do people think of the font colors and sizes used in the default AcidTechBlood(Ex) theme? I've often found them a bit difficult to read without boosting the font sizes in my browser (ctrl-plus). I don't know if it's the color scheme (light grey on dark grey instead of something closer to white on black), the font size, or some combination of the two. Or if it's just my eyes failing me after looking at computer monitors all day at work. :)

Is it just me? Or would the forum members like me to muck with the default theme and try to make it more eyeball-friendly? I've made this post a poll so that it's easy to see what peoples' opinions are...
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