Book-The Impersonal Life

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Book-The Impersonal Life

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Master Sikes once recommended a book to all of us that studied with him at his school (later at his home) in Las Vegas. There was a point in time that we were getting a little out-of-hand with what he was teaching us so he began teaching philosophy nights(1973-1975). The title is "The Impersonal Life". Anyone else read any of it or heard of it? It's fascinating but I can barely get through a section at a time as it's kind of overwhelming and every couple of sentences you read give cause to just stop and think about what it is saying. I have found it to be very comforting but difficult at times to comprehend. Anytime that I feel confused or overly caught up in the latest worlds events I just pick a section, totally out of order, and it speaks.

Caution to those that strongly believe verbatim the verses in the Bible, Koran etc. and please excuse my ignorance if I have omitted your book of faith. I am not trying to offend anyone. I just feel that this seemingly obscure book could be of interest to some on this forum. It is to me. The older I get the more I feel it was a true gift from Master Sikes.

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