New user registration is CLOSED (at least for now)

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New user registration is CLOSED (at least for now)

Post by kungfujoe »

This board has been essentially dormant for years now. I'm going to leave it running, and I'll keep the software updated, but for now, I'm disabling new user registration. If you're not a member and wish to become one, contact me through my main website's contact form, and I can manually create an account for you.

Even with the advanced CAPTCHA system I've got installed on the board, I still have a few spam bots attempt to request accounts every week, which I have to ensure aren't real people and then delete, rather than activate. Since there's no active discussion here, there's no reason I should have to keep doing that.

If this message board becomes active again in the future, I'll re-open registration, but unless that happens, this will remain running for posterity's sake. The information that people have generously shared here will remain available, and existing users will still be able to post, but no one will be able to register for a new account.
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